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Korra Week Day 1: Alone

There’s been a lot of talk lately about how Korra has PTSD and how alone she must feel but then I remembered that no one is ever really alone. There are those watching over you even though you may not see them.

also i originally wasn’t gonna do a korra week thing but it literally just happened that i finished this today and it fit the theme so yay me

this is too good for not to be shared

(Source: typhlosionnn)

10 Parallels about the ATLA - LoK Book 3 Finale:

1) The Avatar state got created by pain:
Aang’s wound & Korra’s poison
2) The villain became stronger through a cosmic event:
Sozin’s Comet & Harmonic Convergence
3) One vs. One:
Aang & Korra have to face Ozai & Zaheer alone for a particular time
4) Several Turns:
The villain seems stronger, then the Avatar then again the other way around
5) Fight over hills:
similar scenery and height
6) Other Crew Members:
Team Avatar splits to defeat the minor villains
7) Defeating:
The Avatar survives, the villain is imprisoned
8) Making Fun:
Sokka creates names for Ozai; Bolin puts a sock into Zaheer’s mouth
9) Happy End?:
Everyone gathers together; Aang’s and Katara’s kiss & Jinora becomes a master
10) Sadly Reminder:
Zuko still searches for his mother; Korra cries and sits in a wheelchair

Can you find more parallels?

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